I still don't know

Every time you do something in a different style, you have to find a lot of references according to other people's requirements or your own ideas.

Most of these references are images, some modern, some ancient, the only commonality being that they come from a very primitive idea, representing the interpretation of the world and oneself by a small group of people in a specific era.
Today is already an era of images (videos are also moving images), which especially shields people from thinking, particularly the concept of just a few words. Reading just a few words on the screen makes it so easy to correspond with your own life. Perhaps the ease of information acquisition and channels has led to a very casual behavior in viewing information.

Knowing more does not necessarily mean making decisions and actions, as well as the resulting impact, more penetrating.

Today, when we understand the content of a work, we will first assign it a drawer, with rich labels attached to the drawer, stating who did it, when it was done, where it was done, and what methods were used. These are called the background knowledge.

Under the premise of having even a little background knowledge, people will continue to understand that content from a sensory level. If you go directly to the senses, people usually don't trust their feelings.

For example, you might start to love music that you weren't interested in before because of a movie or game.

When accepting information, of course, background knowledge is necessary, but ultimately it will return to the pure sensory level. The difficult part is how to switch between these two states smoothly.

For example, when listening to music, the music itself has genres, styles, eras, composers... all of these are background knowledge. When you feel moved by a melody or lyrics of a song, you will naturally look for similar music based on these background knowledge labels. Software recommendation algorithms also use this as a reference to guess what you might want to listen to next.

However, besides lyrics and melody (in fact, I believe melody includes lyrics, not understanding English as a child didn't affect my love for Linkin Park), I think another thing that moves people is the sound quality of the instruments themselves, which is a purely sensory level. I believe great works will ultimately bring people back to a pure sensory level, so pure that you cannot describe it, at most share it with friends and let them try it too. In this pure feeling, you will completely forget about all the things you knew before. Because this feeling is so new, new to the point of breaking through your cognition, new to the point where you can't understand it but are greatly shocked.

It's hard to say whether this feeling is brought by the work itself or by yourself. What can be confirmed is that they both emerge, change, and disappear in this time and space. I am sure that if the feeling brought by the work is one, the part I generate myself is also one, then at that moment, one plus one is definitely greater than two.

As for the rest, I still don't know.

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