Several notes from a decade ago

Notes from more than a decade ago in the Hammer Notes still feel interesting:

01 • There are a few tips for downloading files online in Simplified Chinese Internet. In most cases, the larger the "download" icon on the webpage, the less likely it is the download link you are looking for. People are the same way, always thinking about wanting this and that, being taught from a young age how to "download" knowledge, scores, diplomas, and then starting to "download" salaries, fame, and power at work. This download button is getting bigger and bigger, making the time to download a wish longer and more painful. With a "ding," the download is complete, quickly take a screenshot, post it on social media, announce it to the world, and then that button gets a little bigger. You look around for the first time and tell yourself to take advantage of your youth and strength, quickly press a few more times.

02 • Going to Xinhua Bookstore to read books still feels like rummaging through a garbage dump for food.

03 • Newton's first law should be: the body in a state of sleep wants to remain still forever.

04 • A person spent a lifetime writing poetry and painting, but AI easily surpassed Li Bai and Michelangelo. I have always optimistically thought that there is no need to worry about this issue. Art does not exist for competition, so what if there is a winner? AI may surpass Li Bai in literary style and imagery, but most people just want to express recent experiences, feelings, desires, and nostalgia in this way. A purely personal expression. I express my emotions through art, even if I fall short, the masters cannot take over. Just as a tone-deaf person still sings, a color-blind person still paints, and a bad chess player still plays chess, the true value of creation lies not only in the output of works, but more importantly in spending time in a special way, rather than becoming a king of songs or a chess saint. I guess that when humans are completely outperformed by machines in all aspects, they will understand this more deeply.

05 • The you in someone else's heart is also your soul. Also, Hammer Notes is really a good product, it is said that they have now started a membership system with monthly fees, what a pity.

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