How to achieve great results without accidents?

When alone, if you don't think of anyone else, you feel happy and don't feel lonely.

  • When memories are triggered, recalling people and events, your body remains alone, but your mind is already in a relationship.
  • If the event or person does not respond to you (insufficient information) or does not provide security, you will feel lonely. Often accompanied by fear, self-doubt, self-denial, self-blame, and other internal conflicts. Such feelings are definitely terrible.
  • In this state, if not interrupted by another thought, you will fall into a traumatic memory illusion.
  • People feel lonely mostly because of bad relationships. Thoughts linger in those relationships.
  • Deliberately avoiding relationships is actually due to the unbearable and painful memories triggered when there is no response or an ineffective response. Interaction will evoke those unbearable and painful memories. By not establishing relationships, those memories remain hidden in the subconscious.
  • If a person is very capable and enjoys being alone, but holds experiences full of harm and lack of nourishment, and no one is willing to help them repair (approaching only values ability and interests, not willing to fill the gap), it is normal for that person not to want to establish new relationships.
  • Even when interacting with the same person, if the other party does not have many negative feelings, they will still feel bad. Because at that moment, they are not only facing the other person in front of them, but also a bunch of terrible memories.
  • Not establishing relationships ultimately means returning to the starting point and building a relationship with oneself. When the spring is compressed to the limit, letting go will definitely stretch it to the limit, releasing energy. Using this energy well can propel oneself forward and upward, or create destruction and danger.
  • Great power can work miracles, or great power can lead to accidents.
  • They already know they are "broken beyond repair" and cannot establish relationships properly anymore, dealing with situations similar to trauma experiences in a cautious manner. Whenever trauma is triggered, like a werewolf transforming on a full moon night, it forms a passive reflex.
  • Closing the mind is the greatest protection for both oneself and others, fundamentally understanding the power of trauma, actively preventing such traumatic injuries from spreading like viruses.
  • In fact, most people who have experienced trauma in their original families decide not to have children for this reason. They do not have enough ability, opportunities, or time to completely resolve the damage caused by their living environment, while also having a certain level of introspection and sense of responsibility.
  • The selfish and shallow side will start to condemn the other party for not establishing a relationship or not responding. In reality, they have not thought it through. In a relationship, all you need to do is provide what the other person needs. If you cannot provide it but are unwilling to face your own incompetence, blindly blaming or even attempting to attack, isn't this creating a familiar traumatic environment for them?
  • People who are strong enough internally will realize that even with unlimited abilities and resources, relying on coercion will only result in having a slave.
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